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Driving with Pets and Car Safety Tips


There is nothing like driving around with your best furry friend on the passenger side with the windows down and the wind blowing. Unfortunately, these good times are putting your pet at risk. Check out the tips below on driving with pets and car safety.

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Using Car Restraints

Just like us humans, using a car restraint will help save your pets life if you ever find yourselves in a car accident. There are all types of restraints that clip on to a harness for both small and large dogs. They can also be used if your feline friend likes to enjoy a car ride without being in a crate. Dogs do not have the same ability to stay in the seat like their human counterparts. This means there is an extreme danger when putting your dog in the back of a pick-up or having them hang out the window. Make sure they are in the cab of a vehicle and have proper restraints so you and your furry friend can remain safe.


Car Sickness

The best way to treat car sickness it is first associate cars rides with positive experiences. First try just letting your pet get in and out with easy, sniff around and get familiar with the vehicle.

Often seen in younger animals, it can be caused because the ear structure responsible for balance is not fully developed or the animal associates the car with stress. One of the best ways to prevent car sickness in pets is to make the car ride as comfortable as possible. Signs of car sickness is inactivity, listlessness, uneasiness, yawning, whining, excessive drooling or even vomiting. Lowering your car windows a few inches while the car is moving helps balance the air pressure inside the car with the air pressure outside. If nothing seems to help ask your vet at Family Veterinary Clinic about a prescription for motion sickness or other tools to help get your pet more comfortable with driving in a car.


Avoid Leaving Them in the Car

If you know you are going to be out all day running errands than do yourself and your pet a big favor and just leave them home. This might seem cruel to some, but it’s not. Leaving your pet in a car unattended can be dangerous. It only takes 15 minutes for a dog to sustain injuries or even die due to heatstroke. It may be a beautiful 70-degree day to you, but in reality, it can get to 120-degress in your parked car, even with the windows cracked open.

We know you do everything to keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe. So please consider their welfare when traveling in a car with them and use the recommend tips. If you have questions or concerns, then talk to us at your next appointment.