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Top 5 Water Safety Tips for Pet Owners


We know how much folks around Maryland love being outdoors, especially being so close to the water. With warmer months approaching, many pet owners enjoy taking their dogs outside and in and around water. Therefore, here are the top five water safety tips for pet owners we recommend before letting Fido take a dip.

dog on boat

5. Pay Attention

Don’t let your pet play in water unattended, even if they are an expert swimmer; you never know what could happen in a split second. By keeping a close eye on them, you will help prevent accidents and illnesses. Try to find shallow spots that don’t have a lot of boat traffic. Watch out for areas people may fish or clean fish; while it might smell amazing to them, it can make them sick.


4. Life Jackets

If you’re planning on taking your furry friend on the water, we definitely recommend getting them a life jacket. There is a huge misconception that all dogs know how to swim. It is not the case, especially if they fall in the water on accident. There are dog specific life jackets, which will work better since they won’t overheat your pet when they aren’t playing in the water.


3. Clean Them Up

If you and your dog were playing in the river, lake, bay or even pool, we absolutely advise giving them a bath afterwards. Seawater minerals, salt, chlorine, algae, and pollution can irritate or even damage your pup’s skin and fur. Make sure to clean and dry their ears to avoid infections.


2. Provide Clean Water

If you happen to be at the beach, keep a close watch to make sure they don’t drink any salt water which could make them sick and dehydrate them faster. Always make sure your dog has access to fresh water. The chemicals, bacteria, and parasites that can be found in the waters they play in can make them sick.


1. Boating With Dogs

Make sure your dog is used to the boat before going out on the water to help prevent motion sickness and to avoid them getting frightened by the motor. In the beginning, it’s best to just let them hang out and sniff around the boat so they get accustomed to the new sounds and sensations. Make sure to keep all fishing tackle away from your dog to prevent any mishaps with fish hooks. Don’t forget about looking into sunscreen if your pal happens to be fair skinned.

We know how much you love your pets, and pets love spending time with you. Just make sure to consider these water safety tips for pet owners. So get out there and enjoy the water. If you have any questions or concerns about pet water safety just call Family Veterinary Clinic and we will certainly be glad to help.